AUl3 Grey Water Recycling

HPW worked with Blooms on designs for their flagship £5m garden centre at Haresfield in Gloucestershire.  Because of the high quantity of water required by the garden centre on a daily basis,  HPW included a comprehensive water management and flood alleviation system within the plans for the 7 acre site.  The £150,000 scheme included a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting and flood risk management.

In 2007, Gloucestershire endured its worst flooding on record.  Much of the country was under water and even the M5 next to Blooms flooded, but the garden centre itself avoided the crisis thanks to the canal and catchment lagoon that HPW had had installed along the side of the building as part of the water conservation measures.

In the years since the garden centre opened, it is estimated that tens of thousands of gallons of water have been re-used at Blooms, reducing the company's water bill by approximately 50%.


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