HPW created a high tech solution for an inspirational £3 million visitor centre and garden retail offer for Blooms of Bressingham in Norfolk. 

The brief required a landmark structure, which would offer flexibility and unite the varied offers on site.  HPW’s solution provided a single tensile building through which The Dell Gardens, Foggy Bottom Gardens, the Bressingham Steam Museum (the second largest in Europe), the Dad’s Army collection and the garden retail operation are all accessed.




A landmark structure...

To satisfy the requirements of the fragile living product, HPW were required to research and develop an innovative double skinned tensile structure, which consists of an inner layer of ‘tissue’ insulation between the structural outer and supportive inner membranes.  Under floor heating and mast mounted lighting leave the inner space uncluttered providing a perfect backdrop to Blooms’ ‘colour with style’ product ethos and visual identity created by HPW.

Besides being responsible for the overall building structure HPW also completed the full interior design, developing bespoke merchandise displays and a 200 cover restaurant to serve the 250,000 daily visitors.  Blooms’ corporate identity was rebranded and applied across the whole operation, combining with the bold interior of the building to create the total experience.

Green Halo Partnership