Targeting the secondary spend of all visitors to the park, the new 10,000ft2 retail space provides extensive display and merchandising in a flexible shop arrangement. Colourful, inviting and friendly designs draw in visitors of all ages from pre-school to grandparent and directly encourage customer flow and product engagement.

HPW’s interior design and signage is bespoke for Paultons Park and includes integrated LED merchandise lighting, oak fittings, and a complex highly detailed Amtico floor layout to guide the customer through the store and encourage circulation.


Colourful, inviting and friendly designs draw in visitors of all ages...

Once HPW had coordinated detailed tendering and interviews, Barnwood Shopfitting were appointed to undertake the whole fit out of the public spaces.

This allowed prototyping of all key fixtures, fittings and merchandise units to ensure all aspects of the interior were delivered to the client’s requirements.

High level and wall-mounted animatronic displays relate directly to the product areas and give theatre, interest and focus to the vaulted and curving interior roof space.

All signage is coordinated with the interior to provide the customer with clear directions. The pay desks have reinforced directional signs in both the floor and on bulkheads.

Colour coded and 3D character signs further identify mid-floor gondolas, highlight the themed product areas, ease way finding and highlight the shop within shop layout.

Colourful, inviting, friendly - The Big Toy Shop
Green Halo Partnership