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35 years of rural diversification

For over 35 years, we have helped landowners diversify in commercially successful and environmentally sustainable ways to repurpose their land to create outstanding holiday parks, visitor attractions, garden centres, farm shops, glamping and sustainable communities. We are thrilled to see the positive changes in the farming laws in the UK, opening up new opportunities for landowners to create innovative and prosperous ventures.

As members of NFAN - National Farm Attractions Network we are excited to see the changes in Farming Laws in the UK. Here are the key points to take note of:

1️⃣ Class Q: The allocation for converting agricultural land to residential has increased from 500sqm to 1000sqm, allowing for the development of up to 10 homes. Please note that prior approval is still needed for this. Read more.

2️⃣ Agriculture to Commercial: The size limit for converting agricultural buildings for commercial purposes, such as shops and other services, has also been raised from 500sqm to 1000sqm.

3️⃣ New Builds for Farming Operations: The limit for new builds specifically for farming operations has been expanded from 1000sqm to 1500sqm, providing more space and opportunities for farmers.

Whether you are planning a large-scale project or a smaller venture, we are here to assist the farming and landowner community in maximizing their income potential.

To explore how we can help you with your project, feel free to get in touch with us.


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